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The best way to end a meal, for the microbiome, to support agni, to close off with the astringent taste, to nourish the tissues of the body.

Best consumed at the end of the main meal (lunch). It's astringent quality is ideal as the last of the six tastes of a meal. It is a potent digestive aid, has a plethora of clinical indications, and will also help to curve the desire for sweets after a meal. Sweet elements are best consumed as the first of the six tastes in a meal.

In a blender, combine:

1/4 - 1/3 cup whole yogurt (pure, organic, and with live probiotic strains)

1 cup of filtered water (preferably boiled and cooled to room temperature)

2 pinches dry ginger

2 pinches ground cumin

A pinch of hing

A pinch of Himalayan sea salt

About a teaspoon of chopped, fresh cilantro

Blend in a blender, or by hand, for about 2 minutes. Skim off the bubbly top formed after blending. If it is difficult to see, allow the takra to sit for a moment or two and the separation will be more apparent. This is excess fat and impurities that are heavy to digest.

Note: This is a general recipe for the average population, post meal. For individualized adaptation, seek advice from a qualified practitioner.

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