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Yoga, Birth, and Intuitive Movement

Following the Movement of the Body

Yoga should not be a training for body control; on the contrary, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs.” - Vanda Scaravelli

Yoga can be like a silent breath, running through our lives. If we allow its influence to enter, we draw upon an invisible community. The ancient community that is our beginning. Through birthing there is a primordial breathing, as we conceive, as we carry, as we birth, as we hold throughout life. We are a part of an infinite line of women, as we embrace our children, in our womb or out in our lives, or in our hearts, we are supported by this unseen shared experiencing. We have joined this community.

The body is a mysterious thing, something that with all of the anatomy or physiology learned can never be really known, quantified. There is a tendency to escape into this “knowing” in yoga. But, if we accept this unknowing, we can enter into an intuitive dialogue within ourselves, we can come to trust an intelligence in the body and slowly we can rely on it. In this way, when we birth, we can completely let go to that movement and become our original primal selves. Through birth, and through our children, we witness this mystery.

With yoga there is an opportunity to practice being more and more with this trust, to develop confidence, to move from a creative place. A unique place, as each is able to honour their own essential nature and experience. There are specific postures that elicit particular responses in the body. These are like learning the alphabet, but beautiful poetry springs from an alive moment, a true experience.

Each one of us has the ability at any time to develop this relationship with oneself through yoga. In this way we can see that it is just a door. We can focus on a specific time to practice yoga..but also, when you are breastfeeding - you are practicing yoga, when you look and listen to your child - you are practicing yoga, when you are walking, baby in arms or changing a diaper - you are practicing yoga. When you are deep breathing and connecting with your baby in your belly - you are practicing yoga. When you let your child climb that tree - you are practicing yoga. When you come to a class, breathe, rest, move, engage, you are also practicing yoga. In class you can feel free to respond to that truth. To come as you are. To move in the way that your instinct is guiding. When we impose onto our bodies, we create tensions. The body resists and constricts. Instead, we can explore, create more space, allow more space for the breath to enter, for the body to release its stress of “doing.” There is nothing to fear in this wilderness of the body, everything is accepted, everything has a place, if it is there, it is wholesome, as we are whole beings. Our sensual nature is full, full of all the elements of life. We have been accustomed to say that is "us," but we are pliable, breathing beings, organic and changing. It is not necessary to hold on to what we believe ourselves, or bodies or our minds are. We are that peice of magic that we see in our babies eyes. There is a time for everything and there is time for everything. By honouring the body's need to connect, to be fluid, to create, to be where you are, we build confidence. When we are pregnant, birthing, carrying our babies, there is nothing we need to “do.” There is a silent, ancient breath, everything is created for you, so that you are able. It is possible to completely rely on that. We can enter that. You are that same mysterious movement born from freedom. You are everything that is required at this moment, the rest can wait. Yoga simply helps us to see that.

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