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The NOURISH. practice was born out of the need for a compassionate, wholistic, and solutions-based therapeutic service which addresses the many issues and challenges that individuals face at the various stages of life. Everything that is a part of the vision here is the result of many years working with individuals who are seeking a deep level of care rarely found elsewhere. 

It is said that Ayurvedic and Lifestyle approaches, including Yoga and Nutrition therapy, are often a final hope for those who have continually tried to heal their issues but have only found themselves at a loss, seeking for a way back to a sense of wellbeing. Ayurvedic Medicine offers itself not only as a highly individualized map toward disease prevention, but also as a therapeutic intervention.

Ayurveda encompasses a vast number of modalities, treatments, herbal formulations, bodywork, nutritional therapies, and is a prevention and therapeutic medical science that is not only evidence-based, but is also backed by more than 5,000 years of effective treatment, scholarly study, and continual practice and development. Ayurvedic Medicine is one of the three main medical systems practiced worldwide, along with Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Allopathic Medicine.

The Three Pillars (Sthambhas) of Ayurvedic Medicine are:

Ahara (Food)

Nidra (Sleep)

Bhramacharya (Energy Management)

"One who manages these three pillars properly is guaranteed a full life span that will not be cut short by disease."

- Charaka Samhita (Revered Ayurvedic Physician)

Unique from other modes of healing, Ayurveda puts the individual at the centre of the healing process. Entering treatment through Ayurveda provides the opportunity to be fully seen, heard, and to be given the tools to access the healer that lies within. The Ayurvedic patient is empowered, supported, and guided toward how to best incorporate the rituals within their lives that would best serve their healing.

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out with any questions or to set up an introduction call.

Based in London, Ontario.

Tel: (519) 702-4618

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